Sarah is fueled by tea, loves the rain, prefers to spend her time in the forest, has a degree in illustration and established Egg-A-Go-Go in 2004. She is endlessly inspired by nature and the natural world. Plants and animals dominate her work, as do bright colors and an optimistic outlook.

Egg-A-Go-Go crafts a product line that features simple illustrations, delicate paintings and clever wordplay. Egg-A-Go-Go’s silkscreened t-shirts, onesies, totes and stationery are all designed and printed by hand in Boston. From tiny watercolor paintings on clay to cute postcard sets, Sarah makes things to make people happy and hopes to bring appreciation to small and often-overlooked wonders.

Sarah is currently accepting new clients for custom illustration and design work. A number of the items in the Egg-A-Go-Go Etsy shop are available for wholesale and/or consignment.

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